Each Pilot:

  1. Current third class medical or higher  -OR- Basic Med (Training Certificate).

  2. Pilot/Student Pilot Certificate.

  3. Current Flight Review - unless it's the purpose of the training.

  4. Current government issued photo ID (Passport/Driver License)

  5. Passport if landings occur outside the United States

  6. FCC Restricted Radio Permit if landings occur outside the USA

  7. Headset (I have my own.)

  8. Current Charts for the intended airports/areas of operation

Each Instrument Pilot (as applicable)

  1. Should be instrument proficient - Unless it's the purpose of the training.

  2. View Limiting Device (hood / foggles etc.)

  3. Current Databases for GPS/Navigation systems for operations in IMC.

  4. Aircraft VOR check log.

The Aircraft

  1. Airworthiness Certificate

  2. Current Registration Certificate (The Temporary Certificate expires after 90-days.)

  3. Aircraft/Pilot's Operating Handbook

  4. Required Supplements (as applicable)

    1. GPS

    2. Autopilot

    3. MFD

    4. Traffic System

    5. Terrain System

    6. Any additional installed items as required

  5. FCC Radio Station License if landings occur outside the United States

    1. Aircraft Maintenance Logbooks

    2. Engine

    3. Propeller

    4. Airframe

    5. Avionics if used

  6. Weight and Balance

    1. We will generate an electronic spreadsheet during the training

  7. Aircraft Checklist