It only takes about 45-hours to learn how to fly!

It takes a lifetime to learn when not to fly!


Instrument Instruction
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A flight instructor's experience is drawn from a wide range of activities, including charter, the military and commercial aviation. Who you choose largely depends on the area that interests you most. If you pilot a general aviation aircraft, you should know almost all of my time comes from the General Aviation environment.  

I've provided over 8,300 hours of instruction, including over 3,400 hours of instrument training. My make and model experience spans some 50 different propeller aircraft, including Light Sport, Complex Singles, Multi-Engine, and Single Engine Turbo Prop.

The current rate in Albuquerque is $75.25 per hour which Includes New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax of 7.5% 

Discounts are available for based customers.


Training is available in your aircraft for Sport, Recreational, Private, Commercial, and ATP.   Instrument and Flight Instructor training are available.

Also Provided: Flight Reviews, WINGS Training, Instrument Proficiency Checks, Mountain Checkouts, Insurance Checkouts, and Passenger Confidence Courses.

Training is available in Albuquerque or your home airport, all at Reasonable Rates