Insurance Considerations

Your insurance underwriter establishes the requirements for initial/recurrent training for your aircraft. In exercising that authority they review the training provider's syllabi, study materials, type experience and professional reputation before they accept a trainer; a process that can take several months.

Additionally, underwriters may establish program limitations on different make/model aircraft. It's important an owner not assume that an endorsement from a self-proclaimed provider satisfies the insurance requirements for your policy. In order to ensure acceptance it's best to obtain a Certificate of Insurance from your broker/underwriter that names your training provider and thereby assures their acceptance and your protection.

McVinnie Aviation is organized as a Limited Liability Corporation and maintains professional insurance coverage. In order to assure acceptance by your insurance carrier, I request a Certificate of Insurance be issued to David J. McVinnie, LLC, D/B/A McVinnie Aviation,  as an Additional Insured with a Waiver of Subrogation. It is considered a Training Certificate of Insurance and it is a familiar tool to all underwriters. The two sections as detailed below:


Additional Coverages or Agreements

1. The Certificate Holder in included as an Additional Insured with respect to operations of the Named Insured.

2. The Certificate Holder is granted a Waiver of Subrogation as respects Aircraft Physical Damage.

This certificate is issued for information purposes only.  It certifies that the policies listed in this document have been issued to the Named Insured.  It does not grant any rights to any party nor can it be used in any way to modify coverage provided by such policies.  Alteration of this certificate does not change the terms, exclusions or conditions of such policies.  Coverage is subject to the provisions of the policies, including any exclusions or conditions, regardless of the provisions of any other contract such as between the Certificate Holder and the Named Insured.  Notice is hereby given the ABC insurance Services is not the insurer hereunder and shall not be held liable for any loss or damage.  Should any of the above described policies be cancelled before the expiration date thereof, the Issuing insurer with endeavor to provide (30) days advance notice to the Certificate Holder, but failure to do so shall impose no obligation of liability of any kind upon the Insurer, its agents or representatives.

Certificates may be mailed/emailed to:

McVinnie Aviation

8219 Camino Paisano NW

Albuquerque, NM 87120-5918