So, I would like to thank this community for always being there to answer questions. The MMOPA safety foundation for great program. Kevin and Chad for always answering the phone when I was stranded. Bill Forbes, for a decades worth of amazing avionics. And mostly, Dave McVinnie for all his training, wisdom and making me the best pilot I could be.

All, be safe, fly often and thank you.

Chad C.

Recurrent Training Joe B.

Jill had our Friday through Sunday weekend filled up with Alto (SRR) events with friends and clients. They all asked how my recurrent training went. I told all it was an great experience that I should have been having since I stepped up to the Meridian. Much of what you taught me, I never knew and should have. I enjoyed every part of the learning experiences and really enjoyed spending time with you and Suzanne Wednesday evening. Thanks for the experience and look forward to our next year’s recurrent training, if not before.

Charles P.
Thanks for a great couple days training.  Very much enjoyed it and learned a lot!

Jack L.
I thoroughly enjoyed my initial PA-46 flight training with you, and your and Suzanne's warm hospitality. The pace of instruction and the skill-level progression suited me well. I feel quite comfortable in the left-hand seat and I value having learned some new aviation resources and knowledge beyond my new bird. Thank you again for your expertise and assistance in dealing with some unexpected equipment challenges--I learned a lot about my Mirage from them.
With best regards,

Recurrent Training
I just wanted to thank you again for the annual training you provided and I am always amazed at your ability to keep the learning fresh. Even after five years with you, I learned some new tricks with my G500 panel. You make me a better and safer pilot. Thank you again.

G-1000 Transition and Recurrent Training
Thanks again for the recurrent training. Your knowledge of the G1000 system and its operation was invaluable and made the transition to the new plane very easy and comfortable.
Looking forward to flying with you again soon.

MMSFT Training Session
Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed my Mirage recurrency training with you. The two days with you were extremely valuable in sharpening my skills. Our discussions also have me a better understanding of the complex machines we fly and in diagnosing problems that may occur. But most importantly, I feel that the time with you will enhance my flying judgment and make me a better Pro Pilot!

Repeat Customer
Easy, fast flight home. Took almost exactly one-half the time to get back. 50+ tailwinds the whole way. Thanks for the high quality, intense training. I feel like I am getting the best there is. Thank you.

Repeat Customer
David, I just wanted to drop you a short note to say thank you for my training again this year. This was my 4th consecutive year of training with with you. Although I have over 500 hours in my plane, the training you provide is always fresh. I thought I knew my avionics pretty well but again this year I learned new things that will make me a better pilot. Your approachable teaching style has me again looking forward to our next flight. Thank you again.

Bill H
Thanks Dave. I thought yesterday was great. Challenging but not overwhelming. You're my first call the next time I need training.

Chad C
Thanks for another year of successful training. Learn something every year!

David K
Newsflash: passed Instrument Check Ride yesterday at KMYF (Montgomery Field, San Diego). The examiner was impressed with my understanding of IFR operations, and said I must have had a really good flight instructor somewhere. I told him it was a certain Master CFI in ABQ. Say hi to Safety Pilot/Captain Susanne for me.

Ricardo M
Wanted to send a quick note to thank you for training Sean and I on our PA-46.
The 5 day training has been an awesome platform for our operations, have been enjoying many safe flights, look forward to recurrent and if you are in the area, please call so we can go to lunch.

Emilio V
Again, thanks for flying with me Saturday. I did learn some new stuff and I feel like I knocked a lot of rust off, so I feel like it was a positive outcome. Hopefully, in March we can do it again. I look forward to it.

Chuck I
I used David McVinnie for my last recurrent, and can't say enough about how good he is.

David F.
Thanks! I got a lot out of the training and I'll almost certainly try to catch up with you again. You got me out of my comfort zone and found several blind spots - which is exactly what I was hoping for.

Repeat Customer
Thanks again for your excellent training. Every year you teach me new things. I feel challenged yet motivated to be a better and safer pilot. I reported to my insurance carrier that you are the best PA46 instructor I have flown with.

Brian M.
Thanx for all of the great instruction and training.

Felipe G.

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for my training course this week. I learned a lot from you and believe it or not I put a lot of the material to use today.

Kris G.
Following a Garmin GTN750, GTN650, 500 Glass Transition course
As a passenger, I'd say the flight was very smooth and Don knew what he was doing. It was great. Thanks!

Ron F.
You have the very interesting skill of teaching without tension. Your style allowed me to focus on the why and then practice the how, which means much of what you taught will actually become part of my skill set and not just something I dust off for the next BFR. I learned much (old dogs start thinking they already know it all) and am incorporating much of what I learned into my routine.

John Q.
Just thought I would send you this e-mail in hopes of extending my utmost appreciation to you for my past instrument training. Your knowledge of my Saratoga Avidyne glass panel taught me so much more than I would have gotten with any other instructor and all of that with a bit of humor as well. It's been a real pleasure in learning with you. I will continue to work with you for my multiengine rating very soon. Once again I Thank You!

George C.
Highly recommend! But, the pilots had better be prepared for an exacting task master. Thoroughly teaches all systems and procedures. I thanked him for helping me break a bad landing habit developed over the past 15 years. I now, once again, land with the precision and professionalism that I did when I was a full time fighter and Saber liner pilot. Covers every aspect of professional flying.

Ron D.
As a new member who just recently joined MMOPA, I just wanted to say that the MMSTF Seminar was the best money I ever spent. I had an amazing experience and learned a lot. John Mariani presented a wealth of knowledge and training tips. His experience and presentation style made his seminar enjoyable and entertaining. Dave McVinnie who flew with me also pointed out lots of details on our pre-flight. I thoroughly enjoyed flying with him.

Lyle C.
I just wanted to thank you for the excellent training you provided today.I found it very enjoyable and informative.I look forward to our next flight.Thanks again.

Raymond S.
Many thanks for flying with me for the last 5 months (yes, it's been that long) and the first-rate instruction. I learned a lot, and hope I'm a better pilot!